BE licence

The BE licence covers a vehicle up to 3,500kg G.V.W. towing a trailer and load with a total combined weight which must not exceed 3,500kg. The candidate must first have a full licence in the category of vehicle with which they wish to tow, ie BE will require a full car licence (B) and will then need to obtain a learner permit for the BE. Each licence category will require a learner permit for the category of vehicle the driver wants to obtain before they can start training. Link for getting your learner permit page.

BE Car and Trailer Lessons

Naas Driving Academy has been teaching the BE licence which was previously known as an EB licence for over 15 years. The only difference with the new BE licence is the weight restriction of 3,500kg which was introduced in January 2013. You can be assured that our team of highly skilled instructors can guide you through your driving test.

On average each driver would need 5 hours to pass their driving test for the BE licence. The driving test is a full test including Road position; Observation; Reaction to hazards; mirror work; progress; vehicle controls; speed; traffic controls; reversing left or right. While most of our customers are very experienced at towing and reversing trailers, they all have bad habits, which is natural for all drivers and this is the only thing that will let them down on the day of the driving test. Naas Driving Academy can currently boast a 98.7% pass rate for the category BE licence where the customer takes 5 hours training.

Vehicles suitable for the BE category driving test.

A combination, made up of a category B test vehicle which should be either (a) a length of at least 4.25 metres or (b) a four wheel drive vehicle. It must have a capable speed of at least 100km/h.

The trailer must have D.G.W of at least 1,400k.g but not exceeding 3,500k.g, must be an enclosed boxed body trailer which is at least as wide and as high as the towing vehicle and have a length of at least 2.4 metres. The closed boxed body trailer may also be slightly less wide than the towing vehicle provided that the view to the rear is only possible by use of the external mirrors. The trailer must be presented with a real total mass weight and this is achieved with 30 x 4 inch cement blocks securely loaded into the trailer.

Naas Driving Academy can supply the full jeep and loaded trailer for the driving test or you can have the option to use your own towing vehicle and our trailer. Otherwise if you can supply the loaded trailer you can then use your own vehicle.

You can contact our highly expert staff for any further information or to book a training session.