CAR (B), Car & Trailer (BE), Motorbike (AM, A1, A2, A)

Step 1: Applying for a Theory Test

You must complete the Driver Theory Test for the car or motorbike if it is your fist time applying for a learner permit (provisional licence) or if you are upgrading your licence within the car or bike category (i.e. B to BE or A1 to A2) and have not completed the Theory Test for the category or if it is over two years since you have done so. Please note there are separate car and motorbike theory tests.

For the B, BE and W categories and you have done a theory test for truck or bus within the last two years it will cover the lower categories, this does not apply to the bike.

The Driver Theory Test is a computerised exam which consists of 40 multiple-choice questions at a cost of €45. There is a book or a CD ROM (Official Driver Theory Test for car & motorbike) with all of the questions that could be asked on the day of your test, cost approx €22. These are available from any good bookshop.

You can apply for the theory test on line at, by phone on 1890 606106 (with a credit card), or by post by getting an application form and sending it along with a cheque or postal order. There are a number of centres around the country where the test is conducted in Naas is it in Spring Garden Lodge, Sallins Road.

Step 2 : Eyesight Report

You must get an NDLS issued ‘Driving Licence Eyesight Report Form’ completed by a Medical Practitioner or Optometrist whose name is on the general register of medical practitioners or on the Register of Optometrists in Ireland. This must be handed in to the NDLS within 1 month of the date of issue. If you are upgrading your licence and it has been more than 5 years since you last submitted an eyesight report with a licence application you must complete the report also.

The need to hold a public service card has now been abolished.

Step 3 : Getting your Learner permit

You must present yourself to your local NDLS office along with your Theory test certificate, Photographic ID, Eyesight report and completed Learner Permit form. You must also supply documents to support: residency entitlement, address and PPSN. There is a list of accepted documentation included with the NDLS application form or on their website. Photos will be taken by the NDLS on the day of application. The fee for the learner permit is €35.

Once you hold your learner permit you can start taking lessons. For the car and motorbike you must hold your licence for 6 months from the date of issue before you can sit a driving test. This does not apply to the Car & Trailer BE category.

Step 4 : Training

EDT for Car

All first time learner permit holders issued after the 4th of April 2011 must first complete 12 one-hour EDT (Essential Driver Training) lessons with an approved driving instructor (ADI) before they can sit the driving test. These are beginner only lesson we recommend further driving and/or pre-test lessons in preparation for the driving test.

IBT for Motorbike

From 6th December 2010 all new first time learner permit holders for the motorbike will have to complete IBT (Initial Basic Training) before they are allowed on the road. It is 16 or 18 hours and is broken into different modules. This is beginner training only we recommend further driving and/or pre-test lessons in preparation for the driving test

Car & Trailer

There are no set amount of lessons that someone wishing to sit a test for the BE category has to take. We recommend you take a lesson with an approved ADI and your instructor will let you know from your standard of driving how many lessons they think you will require.

Step 5 : Driving Test

You can apply for your RSA driving test at a cost of €85 following the links for the driving test.

Step 6 : Full Licence

Once you have passed your exams you can apply to the NDLS for your full licence at a cost of €55.