Solas Safe Pass Course

The Solas Safe Pass course is designed to maintain a high standard of on-site health and safety awareness throughout many industries. It is recognised that workers need to have a basic knowledge of Health & Safety to make them aware of the dangers in the workplace. The Safe Pass is a one day training course which is renewed every 4 years.

SafePass Aims/Objectives

Who should attend

Safe Pass Course Content

Course Certification Validation

Upon completion of the course, the candidate will be required to take a multiple choice test. The successful candidate will receive a Solas Safe Pass card within 15 working days that is valid for 4 years. The condition of the Solas registration card is that it is to be renewed every 4 years.

Pre-requisite to attend Safe Pass Course

Learners must be fluent in English. Safe Pass is a detailed course for which the attendee must have a good level of English to take part, there is a multiple choice question exam at the end on the information given, which must be passed in order to successfully complete the course. You cannot have someone translate for you during the course/exam or confer with anyone else during the course/exam or use an electronic device. There are Safe Pass courses available in different languages with a Solas approved translator.

Requirements for the day of Safe Pass