The reduced EDT programme is for drivers from outside of Ireland who currently hold a valid full car licence but come from a country who does not have a licence exchange agreement with Ireland. These drivers can also skip the six month wait on holding learner permits before sitting the driving test.

Applying for Reduced EDT

You must make an application to your local NDLS for this reduced EDT programme this must be done before starting your lessons.

Conditions for applying:

  1. You must hold a full foreign driving licence.
  2. You must have held a licence for at least two years.
  3. Your licence must not have expired more than six months on the date of receipt of application form.
  4. You must be resident in Ireland.
  5. You must hold an Irish learner permit.

How do I apply?

  1. Complete the application form titled: ‘Foreign Licence Holders Application for Reduced Essential Driver Training (EDT) and/or Exemption from Six Months Wait Time for Driving Test’.
  2. Enclose your original full foreign driving licence.
  3. Enclose a Letter of Entitlement. This is a document that you must get from the licensing body who issued your foreign licence.
  4. Post these to: Reduced EDT, National Driver Licence Service, PO Box 858, Southside Delivery Office, Cork.

What does EDT involve?

The reduced EDT is a course of 6 one-hour lessons. Reduced EDT will prepare you for the Irish Driving environment.

As you complete each lesson, your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will record your progress in a specially issued logbook.

Benefits of EDT

Completing your essential driver training course will help you to:

What do the lessons cover?

Each of the EDT lessons has particular objectives. You should prepare for each lesson using the EDT Course Syllabus.
The 6 lessons are titled:

Your Logbook

When you start your first EDT lesson, you will be given an official logbook by your ADI to record the details of your training and progress, as well as necessary preparation for your next lessons.

When you complete an EDT lesson, your ADI will stamp the relevant section of your logbook and record some feedback on how well or whether you met the lesson objectives. To meet the lesson objectives you must prepare properly, practice with a Sponsor and you may need to take additional instruction. 

An ADI can only sign the lessons they have given, so be sure to get your logbook updated by your ADI after each lesson.

The logbook also provides space for both you and your Sponsor to assess your performance in your EDT lessons. This evaluation will help you understand what you need to practice to become a safer driver and how best to prepare for your next lesson.

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